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E-commerce Design

Design3alMashy can combine design creativity, technical capabilities and the marketing dimension to provide you with services that achieve success
We possess the ability and expertise that enables us to develop services that conform to the standards of the e-commerce market and at the same time at an affordable price
Our first and last goal is the satisfaction of our work, which we always strive to be the strong way to achieve its success through a group of experts in the field of marketing and electronic work.

Free updates and modifications

We provide periodic updates and modifications for free. These updates include the online store platform, in addition to templates and additions, closing security holes and compatibility with the latest versions of running hosted server programs on the store.

Professional developers

Programmers and operating system developers with previous experience precede others in using the latest technology, available to hear your idea and implement your ideas.

Official Company

Design3alMashy is a registered company registered in a commercial (Egyptian - Saudi) registry that is keen to preserve the rights of its customers.

Technical support 24/7

We provide real technical support available daily (24/7) to answer your inquiries, solve application problems, and provide you with the best technical solutions

Mobile Applications

Get an application programming for the e-store, knowing that each subscription package supports the programming of mobile applications for the store such as the Android application and the iPhone application, and we have a passion for issuing the Windows application programming service for e-stores.

Support for multiple countries

You can customize your store to more than one country via different sub-domains for free. This makes it easier for your store customers to purchase from merchants in their country directly, so you have an online store that supports many merchants in different countries

Marketing your store

Our online store marketing plan in a well-deserved company with a special philosophy. We work to motivate the consumer by stimulating the need for the product that we are marketing to and then providing the product to start achieving marketing and distribution goals.

Visual Identity Design

Our services include logo design, advertisements, photo slides, posters, business card and badges. Where through this free service, you will not need to pay for another designer, in addition to providing an advertisement clip for the store, which lasts from 10:60 seconds.

Covers of Social Networks

We provided you with the covers design for social networks and personal photos for the official accounts of your store for free in the subscription package. And taking into account the consistency of colors and designs between the visual identity of the store and the identity of the store in social networks to become a single imprint.

Advanced SEO Package

We provide our customers with a free yoast seo premium package in addition to adjusting their settings, in addition to adding the store to search engines and using webmaster tools to follow the store's performance in the Google search engine.

Multiple Platforms

Designing an online store is not limited to a specific platform, as you can design an online store using one of the most popular platforms available, such as Magento, Walkers, Presta Shop, Open Cart and more.

Compliance with all standards

Your application works efficiently and highly effectively and will appear wonderful and attractive in all major browsers and in all smart phone devices (responsive and responsive design).

Success partner

We do not look at the project financially, we share your success because the success of your project means our success, and we have all the technical means to support you and the success of your project.

Superstitious performance

Design3alMashy company is keen to provide services as soon as possible with the output of the work with the fastest performance, the best efficiency and the best servers

SSl Certificate

SSL certificate is important when designing an online store to provide the utmost security, to increase trust between you and your store customers, and also is used to encrypt the data transmitted between the browser and the site so that it cannot be viewed by any third party.

SSD Hosting

E-store hosting This is the best hosting for the store because it contains additional tools for developers and increase the efficiency of the database and the ability to receive more than 100,000 visitors online with fast browsing

Various Shipping Methods

You can add various shipping methods to your online store to facilitate sending products to store customers. The shipment can also be tracked through your store pages directly, as well as linking your store to shipping companies such as FedEx, Aramex, DHL and more for free

Training & Help

We provide training and assistance to our customers and corporate employees for free. Where the training includes the store manager and an employee, training is done on the control panel, answering inquiries and posting explanations supported by pictures if necessary

Lifetime update

We provide our customers with periodic updates and completely free of charge, these updates include the online store platform in addition to templates and additions and the closure of security holes and compatibility with the latest versions of the server software hosted on the store.

Value Vs Cost

We guarantee to obtain the highest possible value for the cost paid, as we provide paid additions and developed specifically for you, support and assistance, and to make the required adjustments and support your business with more solutions that suit you in particular and for free

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