About The Company.

Quick View.

DESIGN 3AL MASHY Company is an Egyptian company based in the city of Menoufia, it was established in the beginning of 2019 as an official Egyptian company specialized in the field of hosting, developing and programming websites and electronic applications, and at the beginning of 2020 a branch of it was opened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh with a commercial register It is official and works to create its own programs for the establishments and we have a specialized team in all the fields mentioned in our services in order to guarantee the customer a distinguished service as our team works 24 hours to avoid problems for customers

Our Team

DESIGN 3AL MASHY company team is qualified with certificates approved by many international and local institutions and international universities and is ready to provide the best and finest services to customers

  • A team with more than 10 years of experience in web technologies and IT services
  • Internationally accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Marketing
  • Qualified database managers, server system engineers and project managers
  • Network experts qualified by Cisco Systems


Our Mission

We seek in DESIGN 3AL MASHY Company upgrading the field of information technology through the services provided by the institution that are suitable for all individuals and institutions of the highest quality and in the fastest time

Our vision

We seek to contribute to the electronic world map, by using the latest information technology systems and networks to provide appropriate solutions for all segments of society, including individuals, companies, governmental and civil institutions to take advantage of the huge capabilities provided by the Internet in terms of easy and fast access to information in various Business, trade and knowledge fields

Our Process.

The most important stage for the success of any project is the stage of ideas, preparation and planning, and this is our first step
Direct communication with our clients to discuss the ideas that were prepared to agree on the first lines of the project
The implementation stage comes for the ideas and the start of the website design steps and preparing all the design proofs and upon agreement comes the coding stage.
Reaching the advanced programming stage that turns the site into a real reality through an integrated programming panel, then completing the penultimate stage.
The quality stage guarantees the success of the project in an integrated manner because it is the stage that confirms all the previous stages and guarantees the success of all the coming stages.

Our Clients.

  • وظائف.كوم
  • روجا للعطور
  • متجر تمور
  • Hawkamah
  • عنايتي